What’s happening in the garden now????

Well, it’s Autumn now, and what is happening in the garden? There is lots of transformation going on and the gardener is making an excellent change with clearance etc.

Also, blackberries are being picked and made into jam with apples, apples are picked and just started to being bottled to help towards the winter eating, apples are also lining up in the ‘fruit shed’.

The Blackberry & Apple jam is very popular! (Sorry no pics of this)


News update…….

For the latest news at Colwich abbey please go to our Website: but here is a snippit…….

‘On July 20th Mother Abbess left Colwich for 10 days, to be one of the Forum participants. Renewal is an important aspect of our individual Christian life, let alone in our monasteries and of course within the Church as a whole. We have continually to undergo a renewal to keep focused and discern what the Holy Spirit is saying’. ……  read more……..

Hello again …….

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, but I’ve not been able to get into the Blog for some reason – had difficulty! We have a friend staying with us at the moment and she played the guitar alongside me at Mass this morning – that was great! Many family, friends and Oblates are visiting us at the moment over the next few weeks and we are welcoming new visitors to our monastery too! So, if you’d like to visit either for a private retreat, time out to pray and relax, discern your vocation (whatever that may be), you are more than welcome to come along and join in with our Daily Mass and Divine Office……….. Just email Mother Abbess at: novblog@googlemail.com

Ancient ruins……….

Fountain's Abbey

Fountain’s Abbey




Monasteries are always an interesting place to visit. Non less are the ancient Abbey’s that lie within our own country. In the heart of Yorkshire we have 3 Cistercian Abbey’s that lie in ruin, and the most famous of them all I think is Rievaulx, followed by Fountain’s then Byland. Their very presence reminds us of ancient traditions and the presence of God among us. It is the life of prayer that draws people to God and that isn’t so very different today. It is also – I think, but maybe wrong, a part of our own inner journey of seeking something deeper inside our very selves. We want to belong, and God is calling us but are we listening ……….