2016 Come & See

This year’s Come & See event with us will take place from Thurs 11th Aug till Sun 14th Aug.

If you are interested to get an insight into the Benedictine life then get in touch with us! This will of course include the monastic office with the nuns and an insight into their work.

something to share with you………

I thought that I would just share with you a short reading that we had this morning for midday prayer……..

From The Ascetical Treatises of Issac of Nineveh:
‘When the Spirit dwells within a person, from the moment that person has become prayer, the Spirit never leaves them. For the Spirit himself never ceases to pray within us. Whether we are asleep or awake, from then on prayer never departs from our soul. Whether we are eating or drinking or sleeping or whatever else we may be doing, even if we are in the deepest of sleeps, the incense of prayer is rinsing without effort in our heart. Prayer never again deserts us. In every moment of our life, even when it appears to have ceased, prayer is secretly at work within us continuously.
One of the Fathers, the bearers of Christ, teaches that prayer is the silence of the pure in heart; for their very thoughts are the movements of God. The movements of the heart and the intellect that have been purified become voices full of sweetness with which such people never cease to sing in secret to the hidden God.


Is there any one who has been on one of our Come & See weekends that would be interested in doing a ‘Come back & See Weekend’ ????

I’ve nothing planned yet, but it’s an interesting thought.

Please get back to me and air your thoughts……….

2016 Come & See

Hello friends!

Long time since I put on a post…… but never mind. I hope you all will have a happy and holy, Holy week and Easter! Am looking forward to this weeks liturgy which is so rich.

I am pleased to let you know that this year I will run another Come & See weekend, the details will be announced at a later date. But the date for it is / will be ……… Aug 11th – 14th (Thurs – Sun )

God bless