So I gaze on you in the sjuly2007-002.jpganctuary, to see your strength and your glory. 

We’re a bit stunned by your responses and kind comments! We never expected such a warm welcome from the blogging world and it was quite a surprise to come in after Morning Office and find all these comments!

We thought we’d share some photos of the Abbey for you. Above you can see our Choir. We know this really very well, as we’re sitting here five times a day singing Our Lord’s praises!


This stained glass window, showing SS Mechtildis and Catherine of Siena, is tucked away in the Abbey Church and not many people see it. The photo was taken in the evening after Vespers, with the sunlight streaming through – beautifully illuminating the angel.

Enter by the narrow gate and travel the path less-trod.

A view from under the crucifix in the monastery’s cemetery through to the orchard.

Right. We have to run to Midday Prayer now! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the photos.

(PS we still like lots of comments ;))