Hi, I just thought i would share something with you that i found funny. We have a large apricot poodle called Chelsea who is very much part of our community. She has times when she barks and makes lots of noise and she has times when she looks truly contemplative sitting in the garden for hours quite happy being alone.

She does like to make her presence known and felt and likes to be part of everything too. Today at recreation i was asked if i knew what she had done the other day – no said i puzzled – what did she do? She had taken something that was precious to her – her rawhide bone – and left it in chapel in front of the Blessed Sacrament where it was found by Sr Sheila – our sacristan – who had noticed something odd looking and gone to investigate.

As Sr Teresa Mary laughingly said ‘ she left a gift for Our Lord and He gave it back to her.’ No one knows when she did it that day, she just silently went in and out – i guess she felt it was safe there. It was funny imagining her doing it and I think i learned something too. Adele.

Due to a recent comment on this post i feel i should explains so as not to offend or mislead anyone.

Our dog Chelsea is not allowed into chapel or anywhere near the Sanctuary. She does sit outside and wait for us at Mass and Offices but she does not come in. Should she wonder in she is led out. One of the points here was that she managed to avoid everyone and creep in unseen – it seemed important enough for her and it would have taken some effort as there are usually sisters around.

The point of the post is that an innocence creature of God can teach us something – that if we offer things to God he will often give them back to us in a much greater way. It reminded me personally that God loves me so much and wants to give me more than i can expect or imagine, i only have to let go of things, walk away and leave them to Him.

I hope that clears up the misunderstanding, Pax Adele.