At last bloggers, i have found a way of getting more pictures to you. Thanks for all your help and advice, i did look at your suggestions but i really am not technically minded so couldn’t work some of it out in the short time i have. Thanks for the comment that wordpress have let us have more space – so i took that one up and there are a couple of pics below.

You should be able to find some pictures at   i will put more on as i can – including some to show you some of the older posts. A friend has also put some on her album at   i hope you like all of these, please let me know.

Lent is upon us so these are the last alleluia’s until Easter, when the bells ring out again and we sing alleluia to our risen Lord. A few years ago i read a wonderful Lenten book written by Joyce Huggett and she uses this mnemonic:-

      Lay aside the non-essential

      Enter in the fundamental

      Nurture through the sacramental

      Things of worth the transcendental.

there is a lot in there, so have a wonderful and prayerful Lent, I will try to post as i can, life is just so full at the moment, so don’t desert us just yet, there will be more. I hope i can persuade some of the other sisters to post too, as i am sure you could do with a change,

Pax, Sr Marie-Therese.