Well bloggers it’s Sunday so i’m back again with more snippets of life here at Colwich. I am surprised to find that tomorrow i am one month old in religion as our ‘life’ begins at Clothing and i have to say it is flying by, you know, some people do think nuns sit around praying all day and doing little else; some think we might be bored and need more to do, well, let me disillusion you – life here is full and busy as well as being prayeful, devoted, close to God and fun.

This morning i fully took on board that the year is moving on, very swiftly. Why? Because as i went to breakfast at 6.30, i glanced out of the cloister window and got a shock – there was a rosy, white sky. I stopped and blinked!!! Hang on, what time is it? Who turned the lights on early? It was just like that. It seems only days ago that i had breakfast in the dark and now it is light enough to go for a nice walk – though i didn’t this time.

The weather has suddenly become much warmer too. Last week we had lovely crunchy frosts and wonderful effects in the sky – unfortunately i didn’t manage to catch them on camera – this week it is spring again and i am discovering how little heat can leave my head now i am wearing a veil – phew, i am getting warm and it’s not even a British Summer yet.

The good days have meant we can do more in the garden and there is lots to do. This week i helped Sr Davina to start a new compost heap down by her strawberry patch and she planted some potatoes as well as starting a compost trench – which ‘our’ foxes are enjoying digging up. We know it’s not our dog Chelsea when she comes in with a clean face and paws though she often likes a good dig herself.  When you have a dog there is also another downside to having foxes living with us – Chelsea likes to make herself known to them and them to us so she rolls around in their spore and comes leaping up to us to share it. Result – sisters backing off quickly with hands over noses calling Sr Davina to bath her. One day i noticed a terrible smell in the work room but could see nothing, later Chelsea appeared from under a covered table covered in spore but as it was time for Office she had to be shooed out until later when she had another bath.

This week Mother Mistress and I chose the veggies we are going to grow and have now ordered seeds for:- garlic, leeks, borlotti beans ( to dry for the winter), butter beans, runner beans, spinach, squash, marrow and beetroot. We are having two new types of beetroot – a red cylindrical one and a yellow cylindrical one with white flesh which looks fun so soon our planting will begin. Sr Davina is planting potatoes, the leafy veg (cabbage etc) and salad veg too.

Lent means a review of the house work too so we have all had some slight changes to our cleaning areas though we have kept our main jobs. My jobs are now – laundress; garden; clean noviceship, laundry steps ( Sr D used to do it) and some of the outquarters – main staircase and hallway and hallway leading to Chapel from the front door. As well as these  some of us take turns serving in refectory ( i did it last week), washing up ( i am this week), singing the invitatory and Mass psalm ( Sr Mary-Magdalen and i next week) and lots of other little bits.  I also have a very new job…And… oh gosh theres the bell for Benediction so i must dash, back soon…

Back, phew, the time ran away with me again and i had to run down the cloister to Chapel pulling my sleeves down on the way, not ideal to arrive composed and on time but i managed it somehow!

So, where was i, oh yes my new job – infact a new job in our abbey – i am now the first ‘official’ Compost Maker. This happened because as soon as i entered i started a compost heap and feed it each day or so from a large, lidded bin in our kitchen. It is fed very well from the kitchen and garden with the juicy additions of paper and cardboard.

It’s just as well we did start and well into composting because our local council has just provided us with bins for recycling – blue – plastic, glass and tin; brown – cardboard and garden ( this one is starving) and the normal brown bin for unrecyclables. I get a good feeling feeding the blue and brown bins as every little bit helps to protect our world.

And to end this long post – i had fun in the laundry washing jam jars in preparation for jam making which i love ( an aside – when i first visited here i was asked by our Mothers what i like to do and i said ‘well, i’d really like to be a Brother Cadfael’, i hope you get the idea). I also enjoyed sloshing water with bleach all over the floor without wringing out the mop, so it got a really good soaking and dried in its own time.

In our noviceship class on the Rule we are studying Humility – lots to think about there and lots to learn!!!

Thats plenty for you for this week and almost time for Vespers too. Keep blogging, keep smiling and enjoy the wonderful scriptural readings we are having – some of the ‘greats’ as i think of them – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses – like the old epic films.

Pax et bonum, Sr Marie-Therese.