Time keeps running away with me so here i am between breakfast and Office to write a quick post.

Last week just pottered on really, nothing huge happening – exept the Spring Cleaning!!! This is now starting in earnest, so on Friday all of us got together and began turning out the kitchen store room. Some washed pots and tubs, others unloaded and washed the shelves. I did the shelves and checked over the perishables – it’s amazing how some things manage to hide and become out of date, i even found a lovely old spice tin ( and will take a pic of this) which i am going to keep for posterity, but can’t use the ancient contents! What a mess there was, tubs in the corridor, piled in the kitchen and wash up room, food on the trolley, but it was also fun because we were doing it together with only necessary talking. We didn’t manage to finish so are starting again today.

In the afternoon Mother Abbess arrived home from a conference with Mother Abbess from Stanbrook who brought her and we all got to say hello and meet her properly which was great as our houses are so linked.

At choir practice as well as our usual antiphons etc we are going over the hymns for the Women’s World Day of Prayer which we are hosting on Friday. We now have the simple dance movements are may do that on the day if the local women have not already planned something.

A funny thing happened to me the other day too. As i walked out of the work room and down the cloister i suddenly found myself grabbed by my veil and yanked back. What a shock, i felt my head was nearly ripped off! I turned and found that the hand of Christ on our statue of the Sacred Heart had managed to catch hold of my flying veil and got me in a tight grasp, it was quite hard to untangle myself and i was more than a bit stunned. The sisters who came when i yelled said with a smile ‘ that means you have a strong vocation’ and were actually quite pleased about it. So, there you go, i do hope they are right, it’s certainly a dramatic way  of getting my attention and telling me something. The statue was half off the plinth so i nearly had Christ on my head – what would that have told me I wonder?

At last, praise God, Mother Prioress and I have finished clearing the blackcurrants of mock raspberries. It has been quite a big job as they are very tenacious and attack bare arms – i have many scratches to show for it. Now the place looks lovely and open, the currants are springing into life and are full of lovely buds and it is worth all the hard work. Now it just needs a quick rake over and it will all be clear. The next job is weeding the gooseberries. We also have a new green house coming this week. What was left of our old one was finally taken down after the wind had taken a lot of it bit by bit.

On Sunday – Laetare Sunday/Mothering Sunday we had our only festive recreation during Lent. We had a huge toasted tea cake that is cut into three layers and well buttered then cut into  wedges for us all to share with tea. Now we are back into the last stage of Lent, Easter will soon be here and the first daffodils are out so it really seems like winter is gone and spring is here. There is a real feeling of life and newness everywhere.

That’s all for now, have a great week, Sr Marie-Therese.