Time is moving on so fast it feels like it’s only 5 minutes since my last post and Easter is almost here. This is our last week before Holy Week which i am really looking forward to, it’s the best week of lent – not because it’s almost over but because it is so deep and prayerful then ends with great joy – and chocolate!

This last week was mainly about Womens World Day of Prayer which was last Friday. During the week we practised the songs and the dance. Although liturgical dance is not a big thing here it is done on occasion – Sr Cordis apparently danced at her profession. This time we danced to unify us with the women of the world also doing it especially those in Guyana who were the focus of the day, as those of us doing it really enjoyed it maybe there will be more.

We had a lovely service in chapel with about 40 local women and 6 of us danced at the front near the sanctuary step. It was fun and prayerful and those who came said how much they enjoyed it. I also had two friends turn up that day who stayed for the service too so in all a was a lovely day for me.

The weather has been wet, sometimes frosty and the laundry has been busy – wimples etc take longer to iron than anything else – so i haven’t been out in the garden. But – our new greenhouse has arrived and is being put up in stages which i will try to get onto our album tomorrow – time permitting. I must get out this week as the compost is very ripe and needs a good stir up.

Yesteday out of curiosity i typed ‘wimple’ into google search and had a surprise. For a few years i have been wearing a warm tube which i know as a headover, instead of a scarf, i also knit them and give them away. Well, when i typed in wimple there were patterns for these ‘headovers’ and i found that they are called wimples. So, i have been wearing a wimple for years without knowing it and now i wear one constantly and i do know it. They are a very old form of headwear and the knitted ones seem to be making a comeback. I don’t have a http address off hand but if you are interested just type in  wimple and you’ll get there too. I recommend them highly, they are so warm, cover the head as well as the neck and don’t get in the way like a scarf. Our modern wimples are slightly different and made of cloth so couldn’t be worn ‘outside’ really – though many moons ago they were all the rage!

Tommorow evening we begin a short series of Lenten meditations with our parish (they come here obviously) which are being taken by an apostolic sister. I’m sure lots more must have been happening but maybe not as with our extra reading and prayer, novitiate classes and our jobs there is plenty to keep us going. The Abbey is still, lovely and quiet especially in the mornings though sometimes broken by our hound which is fair enough and the daffodils are out in force now and joined by lots of other flowers which i can’t name …i can tell you what a blackcurrant bush looks like though even without fruit.

I think i will end with this lovely old rhyme – ‘daffy down dilly has come into town; with her yellow petticoat and a green gown’

Have a great week everyone, keep blogging, keep smiling and in the words of our Mother Abbess – ‘remember – God loves you’. Pax sr marie-therese.