A very belated Happy and Joyful Easter to you all, i hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did.

Easter began with the vigil at night – a wonderful, bright, joyful celebration. The fire was lit in the court and we processed down the cloister to chapel in the dark, singing. We renewed our baptismal promises and once again committed ourselves to Christ – at this time i particularly remember my reception into the Church and i give heartfelt thanks that i found my way home to Rome praying especially for all of those doing the same that day.

Following a wonderful Mass we again greeted each other in the Chapter room as we did at Christmas and followed it up with beef tea in refectory. Then off to bed. In the morning we had another Mass and had a relaxed day together. This week we have been keeping the Octave so there has been minimal work and long festive recreation each afternoon, though still having plenty of time to be alone and be…

This week spring seems to have come with a vengence too. The garden is bright with primroses and daffodils; the new green house is up and Sr Davina already has some seedlings in it; a pair of wild ducks have taken up residence on the pond and i have made the first jam of the year – gooseberry made from our own berries picked in the autumn. Tommorrow i am making more.

Last night our clocks sprang forward so we lost an hour in bed and it was quite a shock to find darkness outside instead of daylight – this evening it feels very strange as it’s still light outside – it will take a few days to get my head round it but it will be lovely to walk around the garden and be outside later.

There is a real sense of new life and joy both of which i wish you all in great abundance. Now i must dash as the bell is about to go for early Compline.

Hallelujah, Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed, Alleluia, with blessings and joy in Christ, sr marie-therese.