Its spring so i thought i’d play with colour for a while to brighten things up and have some fun, it must be the spirit of life and vibrancy that seems to be around.

Our new blackcurrants are settling in well, we had an anxious few weeks wondering if they would as a few days after they arrived it began to rain and rain and rain accompanied by high winds. The ground became boggy so we wondered if they would just rot where they were – they were so small that the winds just missed them completely. Now they are full of leaves and buds and are a joy to see. The seeds we ordered have come so we are potting some and our new greenhouse is full of seedlings and seed trays – new life again.

We know we are in spring but over the last few weeks we could be forgiven for thinking we had relapsed into winter again as we had a few snow falls. The first was very light – just a light dusting which melted quickly, but a few days later we had a heavier fall. It was lovely crunchy snow – the sort that feels good to walk on  and makes great snow balls. Our dog Chelsea  is a great fan of snow, i made snow balls which i threw for her which she chaesed or caught in mid air. She ait loads of it and rolled in it too. As the snow melted it began falling off the trees so heavily that Sr Davina and i ( who were out in it) thought it had begun to snow heavily again, is was lovely.

‘Our’ wild ducks are still here – Chelsea will chase them when she can but they just seem to laugh at her – they fly around in circles until she goes away then land and go running back to the pond. It’s very funny to see them running out of the woods – Mrs Mallard usually wins the race.

These last few weeks i have been making more jam – or trying to. I had a bit of a disaster when i tried elderberry and apple as it just wouldn’t set. It tasted great so i didn’t want to give up, i added sugar containing pectin but no go – i think it would have set eventually but the amount would have reduced so much it wouldn’t have been worth it. However it hasn’t gone to waste as i bottled it and it is now a very nice ( though very sweet) cordial instead.

And, my joy of this last week – and this coming week is the bells!!!

We have 8 bells in our belfry which all have names and numbers – the smallest being 1 or Mary Magdalene and the largest 8 or Joseph. We ring diferent bells for different things – office, Mass, meals,Benediction and there is a definite way of ringing them. Usually we use one bell at a time but for Mass and Benediction we have a peal of between 4 and 8 bells depending on the day -Feria/Memorials = 4; Feasts = 6; Solemnities=8. I watched for a few days, had a go to get the feel and this week i am flying free.

It’s quite nerve racking actually, ringing the bells alone. I rang my first peal this morning and my hand slipped off one of the bells so there was a silence for a second while i scrabbled to find the next one – at least there was a silence to me, hopefully no one else noticed it. In a way the hardest thing is the timing as i am so used to just putting things down and go to wherever at the sound of the bell. Every Sunday i forget Benediction until i hear the bell then – if i am in the garden – i have to go running. Ohhhh, now i am ringing them i MUST make sure i remember. It’s quite a responsibility – and also GREAT FUN. I have a week of this, then my turn will come around on the rota. It also gives me another sense of belonging, it feels like another small step forward…

And to end, i need to thank Mary –  i do sometimes update the other pages and don’t think to tell you here so you may miss things – i wrote  on some of the other pages a while ago instead of doing a main post and probably will later today, so keep watching. I’m glad you found it Mary. Pax, Sr Marie-Therese.