Thanks to a comment left by Mary i can now give you a link to a page that gives lots more info about our bells, go to if this link doesn’t work check out Mary’s comment under the previous post.

To add to the page mentioned, our bells are called;-

8 – Jacob ( James); 7 – Maria; 6 – Gabriel; 5 – Joseph; 4 – Benedict; 3 – Scholastica; 2 – John and 1 – Magdalen. Appropriately Gabriel sounds like the clock and calls us most often.

I got through my first day as bell-ringer quiet well really despite a few mishaps – my hand slipped off some of the ropes a couple of times so ther were these odd silences and i found constantly swapping hands to ring a peal on 6 bells is a challenge. This week it is all Feria’s so i will only have to ring 4 bells for a peal which will help me to get used to the pattern. It is fun and energetic and the peals do sound great.

Pax, sr marie-therese.