This week the British library contacted us with a request to archive our web site and blog. This means that both will be archived and kept for ever… so that they will become part of our cultural history. We feel it is a great compliment so of course have said yes – it’s also slightly scarey to think that my ramblings and our doings are being preserved – hmmm – i now have to think carefully what i write and more pertinently i have to check my spelling and grammar. As you will have noticed i usually post without checking it too well so there are Big mistakes – i see them later but things being what they are – i have lost a couple of posts trying to edit them – i am just leaving them.  I find it lovely to read and see some of the things from the years of our community especially the written peices which ramble a bit and give some idea of the life, they make our sisters more human and real, so maybe on our site and blog we now are added our bit – as are all of you who write too!!! Please don’t let that put you off though. The link is if it doesn’t work check the blog roll.