Last year as a new possy i cut off a branch of damsons and put them at Mother Abbess’s place in refectory for her to see. The ground is very uneven near the trees and she hadn’t been out, they were so very beautiful that i wanted to share them with her – and it felt a bit mischeivous too. Mother tasted one ( it was too bitter for her), left it where it was for the day then it was taken to chapel and placed on the altar steps where it stayed until it shrivelled. It was done as a thanksgiving for our bountiful harvest and i was very touched by it.

Why am i telling you this now? Well, it’s because today i was touched in a similar way. This afternoon i went into refectory and found a single, bright red strawberry – like a small red heart – on my side plate – Sr Davina had shared out the first fruits of her labour and of God’s bounty with all of us. It was a lovely gesture and ifelt very much part of our community. For the record – it was very sweet and juicy too.

  By the way, i haven’t ignored your questions and comments – thankyou for them – they just need a bit of time to do and think out. Pax, be happy, God loves you.