Last Sunday was the birthday of our chaplain Fr Edward Dephine. Our friend and organist Peter came from the North West to play at Mass for us and it was wonderful, sisters and parishoners then went into the parlour were we sang Ad Multos Annos to the tune of Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday in English. This was followed by coffee and biscuits with lots of chatting. We had been there a little while when i remembered Chelsea up in the tribune so went to get her. She was so excited and ran down the stairs so quickly that she skidded down the last few and shot along the hall way – unhurt. She has already pulled a ligament in her one of back legs so doesn’t need anymore!

Fr Edward is a Benedictine monk of our Congregation. He was one of the Fort Augustus community and came to us in 1994 after it closed. Earlier thie year he celebrated his 70th profession anniversary and last Sunday he reached the grand and great age of 90. We give thanks and wish him well. Ad multos annos.