This last week we have had some good things and some bad. It began badly when I checked a comment sent to this blog and found it was a hoax containing hundreds of virus’s and spyware – I was so shocked and mortified! I hadn’t approved the comment so it was never put on – don’t worry – but we had to call someone in to check it all and clear it – and we updated our protection again. I guess these things change so fast. I have always been very careful about clicking onto things so it is a first for me but I will now have to be even more careful – I imagine many people get caught out at sometime or other and thankfully we are now clear.

On a better note, we have managed to get a little fruit before the birds eat it so I have been picking josterberries – a hybrid of blackcurrants and gooseberries, they are large, black, sweet and very nice; gooseberries -though not many; raspberries and wonderfully, Sr Davina spied a redcurrant bush growing through a Laurel tree, so I did get some of those too. I have also discovered that we have lots of Chamomile growing all over the garden, so have been picking and drying it for teas and scented sachets. This means that for some of us recreations have been spent topping and tailing fruit and cutting the flower heads off chamomile. I now have some in an airing cupboard in bags and some in the old print room where I make jam – it smells great in there.

We had a nice – if challenging time on Wednesday when Abbot Cuthbert came from Oulton to help us with our office. It must be said in all honesty that we are not great musically. When I visited I noticed this but was impressed with the fact that the sisters were still singing, very obviously trying their best and giving it to God, which is the whole point, so rather than putting me off, it drew me in.

However, we do need help and Father Cuthbert – who is from the Solesme congregation and a very talented musician and liturgist – is going to come every week to ‘sort us out’ – think Whoopie Goldberg in ‘Sister Act’ – though I hope we are not quite that bad! But, maybe we are!!!. We were told some of our faults – firmly but gently, with humour and encouragement, and what we need to do to start correcting them – things like slowing down, emphasising words, keeping the rhythm and above all – Listen. Listen is the first word of out Rule and it seems we need to remember that and apply it in office too, after all, the only point of office is to turn our hearts, minds and souls – our holy being to God, and he does deserve our best. Perhaps it is my imagination but already we sound a little better though we do have a long way to go, hopefully it will be fun and pay off.

Please pray for us and Fr Cuthbert, to St Cecilia that we can begin to make beautiful music for our Lord. As always we keep you all in prayer too, pax, sr marie therese.