Happy feast day of st mary magdalene – we all know who she was and what an inspiration she is. She reminds me that we are totally accepted and loved by Christ and that if we turn from the past – whatever it contains – we really can have new and vibrant life in Christ. I think she is awesome and would have chosen the name if I could have.

However, it is also Sr Mary Magdalen’s feast day, her first in community, and I would like to ask you all to join us in keeping her especially in your prayers today, and those who have also taken this name.

Today, Sr Mary Magdalen and I have been identifying a herb in our garden. Mother Anne said she thought it was St John’s Wort, but Sr Benedict thought not so out came Culpepper’s Herbal and a book on wildflowers and we identified it – it does help a lot that Sr is an artist so notices things that I don’t. It turns out that Sr Benedict was right – it is Loosestrife ( good for haemorrhage/bleeding in many forms ) not St John’s Wart. We had a nice time in recreation later looking at the Herbal and finding interesting uses for common things – did you know that you can stuff pieces of red beetroot up your nose to clear your head? Neither did we and it’s not something we are going to rush out and try, no it’s far nicer to eat instead. pax sr marie therese, St Mary Magdalene – pray for us.