There is no doubt

that you are called

God calls you

according to the unique person

you are made to be.


In fact, God calls you

to the very best place

and way of life for you.


It may not be the easiest place

in the world to be

or the simplest thing to do.


But it is where you will be

most at home

most at rest within yourself

and best able to serve Jesus Christ,

This is taken from – and also check out – a beautiful video.

Loving God, may I take on the mind and heart of Christ, that I may hear your call for my life and embrace your world, through my prayer, my work and my life with Jesus Christ, Amen ( site as above).

I thought I would give you some food for thought on this Feast of St James who followed when Christ said ‘come follow me’. A blessed day to you all and special prayers for those who are discerning, Sr Marie-Therese.