Last Saturday was Mother Prioress’s feast day so we had a festive ( we call it public) tea in the work room with home made doughnuts from Sr Davina. Today – co-incidentally our blog birthday – we kept a recreation day for Mother’s feast too. This meant I spent the morning helping Sr D to prep a picnic lunch and popped in and out of the laundry to get washing done. It has been a glorious day so I got loads of sheets ( from guests staying) washed, ironed and dried in  super quick time and they smell lovely from all the fresh air.

     We had lunch and tea – with lemon cake from Sr Teresa Mary – in the court or sitting informally in the refectory. We can chat to each other freely today whilst we work and have more relaxation – it’s a sort of one day holiday so no noviceship classes either. Sr Teresa Mary goes into hospital tomorrow for a minor op so please keep her in your prayers. She won’t be back to work in the kitchen for at least a week after so…..we are taking it in turns to cook, it should be interesting, I am cooking Thursday, ha ha ha! I like to cook so am looking forward to it.

    A week or so ago our mad dog Chelsea ran down the cloister at such speed that she pulled a muscle in her left back leg – in which she already has arthritis. Her pityful cries could be heard all over the house and brought most of the community to her aid. As she couldn’t put any weight on it off to the vets she went for a steroid injection, it has helped but not fixed it. There is not much that can be done  really as she is already on meds and won’t rest. In her body she is 10years old – an old lady – but in her mind she is still a pup and she loves to run, chase sticks, bark at other dogs over the walls and get lots of fuss, she is an affection and lovely dog.

Over the weekend we had a small group of Secular Carmelites staying and two new people entered the order with a short ceremony in our chapel where they recieved the Carmelite scapular. It was nice to have them here and we hope they enjoyed it.

Now I have passed through my first year point everything is starting to be repeated. I can’t pretend to remember anything of the offices then so still can’t sing some of the more obscure saints antiphons, but I do remember the Secular Carmelites coming so I do have a sense of ‘the wheel turning’ if you know what i mean? The year has been full and challenging, good at times, bad at others, in otherwords  fairly normal i guess, but at times I have had to take one day at a time – especially when I can miss people so badly. One of my sisters gets married on the 16th August and I am the only one who won’t be there. I am the eldest of 6 children and my sister Danielle is the 4th, it’s already hard on that score, but hey, I came here knowing there would be big things to give up so I can’t complain can I? Ah yes, but often the theory  so much easier than the practice – I have to keep practising most things! It’s a strange paradox of this life that it is very routine, almost humdrum but at the same time challenging me to learn new ways of being, of moving  whilst standing still.

     All that probably sounds a bit crazy to some of you but hopefully some will understand too. It must be the sun making me reflective or something, so enough rattling on, please keep my family in your prayers at this exciting time especially Danielle and Chris, thanks and prayers, Sr M.T .