Well friends, i hope you will all pleased with and for me as I have had my first Chapter of Perseverance and come through it, so I can at least stay until the next one – in 6 months time. I can’t say it was pleasant and I was very nervous but it’s over for now and I am pleased to be allowed to continue, I have to take it that God wants me here at this time and just get on with things now. Thankyou for all your support and prayers, it made a big difference knowing you were out there.

This week has been very full and enjoyable as the beans ripened and we began to pick them. Recreations are being spent chatting whilst podding beans which go straight into bags and into the freezer as quick as possible to keep them at their best. The weeding situation is desperate, I manage to do half a row of beetroot but not much else and with the hot sunny days we have been having – too hot for me, i am a winter baby – the veg has needed watering.

Sr Teresa-Mary had her op and is home and recovering well but unable to sing in choir for a while or cook so some of us are being supply cooks until she is back. I cooked sausage casserole last Thursday- and didn’ poison anyone – with the first of the beans. It’s a bit of a tradition here for those who planted them to at least pick the first ones and hopefully get to cook them so I did. I think it’s a lovely tradition as I have now been through the whole process – from seed to stomach!!! and it has been great. Lots more to do this week, as one lot finishes the next will be starting.

Sadly our camera is playing up so no pics for you to see but i am trying to work things out. Basically somehow we have managed to change the screen on the camera so that it looks like an old fashioned cinemas screen – you know thick black lines top and bottom to give a long narrow screen. On this setting it doesn’t adjust to light and other functions don’t seem to work so although i have taken some pics they are too dark. Any suggestions would be great please. The instructions are just in images instead of words and i have no idea what they mean. It is a Samsung S630 which was a Christmas present to us. I am going to try to website when i get chance too. We have just changed our internet provider and the computers are taking time to ‘settle in’ so we are often off line.

Anyhow, that’s about it really, life potters on in it’s own monastic way. One of our turrents ( yes we have turrets like a castle, perhaps a touch of whimsy by the Peer who had it built ) is crumbling so the stone masons are in fixing it. There are peices of labelled turret in the garden and they are taking pics of it as it gets fixed and put up again, I think these are going onto  our main web site though. It is fascinating to see. Wishing you all a peaceful and prayerful week, Sr Marie-Therese.