This week has been a musical one. We have had our friend Peter here playing the organ for us and teaching us some new mass settings and hymns and going over some old ones we have done with him. We have had a of singing practice which was a shock for our vocal cords but worth it to sing great things. It has been tiring but uplifting and prayerful and somehow changes the whole mood of Mass when we sing things like Ubi Caritas and similar.

Peter wanted Sr Mary Magdalen and I to sing the Regina Caeli at the offertory on Friday – the Assumption of Our Lady – so we had an extra practice every day. It was in parts – Sr took the Soprano part and I took the Alto part. I am not really musical and my voice is passable ( sometimes) so I did find it hard going, I’m not fond of standing out in the middle and ‘performing’ either – even for God so I was very nervous about it all – especially when I saw many more people at Mass on Friday than is usual for us. We, we did, Sr sang beautifully, I managed most of it but lost it in the middle and came back in a lttle later – personally I was very disappointed and will do my best not to do anything like it again. It’s times like this that bring home the vow of obedience that I am striving to live under. Out in the ‘world’  I would not have gone out to sing this at all but here I can’t just say ‘ no, I’m not doing it’, instead i get on and do it. I am sure I learn more from the obedience than from walking away but it is not easy.

That might sound a very small thing to some and some of you may be wondering what I am fussing about. Well, I think the ‘hard bits’ are different for each of us. What one finds easy another finds hard and vice versa, so this was big for me, but would be small for others. In the big scheme of things and in comparison to the challenges people are facing ‘outside’ it is nothing, however the small prickles do get together to make our own indiividual crosses and I think that Christ wants us to carry our own ( and sometimes others too) with love and self-giving rather than comparing them to others. Juat small thought from someone who is trying to live a very little way. Pax sr marie therese.