With thanks to the Passionist nuns – ” In the Shadow of His Wings” – www.passionistnuns.org I am sharing this with you which I think is beautiful.

A nun is a woman

Who believes in the Absolute

And arises in search of it,

Laughing at all who

Speak of the imposibility of it,

for a woman, who is also a nun,

knows that the impossible

Becomes the possible in a matter of seconds,

At the bidding of the Beloved.

A nun is a woman

who has become mad,

Totally, irrevocably, mad!

For she has accepted

The standard of God’s wisdom

Which is in truth folly to man.

A nun is a woman

Hanging on the other side

of the Cross

Knowing that it becomes

His marriage bed with her

The moment she asks

“to be lifted up” with Him.

A nun is a woman

of the water and the towel,

constantly kneeling before

Mankind to wash its

Tired feet.

A nun is a woman

In love with God – hence with all humanity


A nun is a prayer-

Everlastingly lifting her arms to God

for those who don’t.

A nun is a woman

who fasts,

Knowing well how fast, fast reaches

The heart of God!

A nun is a woman

Wrapped in the

Poverty of God,

The mantle of

HIs surrender, His emptying!

A nun is a woman

Who exists

To show that God exists too.

-by Catherine de Huek Docherty.