Oh my, I’ve done it, a new header is in place, thankyou sooooooooooo very much VA for guiding me step by step through it. I can’t believe how easy it was – it’s just knowing how and now I do. I read somewhere that to stay young you should learn one new thing each day – well, that’s me for another few years now.

Seriously, thankyou VA – if I’d got stuck I would have contacted Livi – yes she just click, click, clicks and it’s there. Thankyou too Mary for your suggestions, I think I am going to have fun here trying different ones out – maybe we should try a few then have a vote. I hope you like this one to start.

Oh, and Sr D and I took the compost bin, phew what a smell, it made me gag, but it’s good juicy rotting stuff – lots of juice poured out actually – and will be there to grow lovely veggies next year. I hope they do better next year, this one has been a bit of a write off – too much rain and not enough sun. Oh well, like all things, we will try again. Now I am off to sit and pray in chapel. I love the dark autumn/winter nights with only a low light on at the back and the sanctum light at the front by the tabernacle…aaahhh, what joy and i will take you all in my prayers. pace et terra, sr MT.