This is a bit late, but still… yes, i had my first feast day last week and it was a little surreal as i have never had one before. There is a Saint Adele – 25th December! and there is a St Anastacia ( my middle name is Stacey) – 24th December would you believe but being a convert I didn’t know this until recently.

So, now I do have a day and it was a lovely feeling. The evening before a card goes up in the cloister with my name on saying it’s my feast day and asking the sisters to pray for me. There were flowers at my place in  refectory ( including 4 roses Mother had scoured the garden for)- I later put these in my cell in front of a picture of St Therese, and there were best wishes, hugs and smiles all round. No great celebration but very simple and lovely.

I also came across a card from the Society of the Little Flower – website which is worth checking out if you are drawn to St Therese. It is a very nice site and has lots of her quotes and some reflections by a carmelite priest – I found these very helpful. I must try to put saints day up.

Oh yes, today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary – so happy feast day to you all. I put some roses in front of our the statue of Our Lady in refectory. pax.