Today we are keeping the Feast of Order of Saint Benedict Saints. Outside Benedictine monasteries I imagine that it is not well known or kept – I didn’t know of it I admit. For us it’s similar to All Saints as these are all ‘our’ saints and many of them have been lost in time so they are remembered here and today. Happy Feast Day to you all may St Benedict and  those who followed his way so faithfully bless you and bring you peace.

Sunday 16th is Mother Abbess Feast day – another Benedictine saint, St Gertrude. As it is 3rd Sunday it means we are having exposition and Benediction as usual so are keeping Mother’s feast on Friday and Saturday instead so that we can have recreation, give our gifts and come together to celebrate with her – this means that we get the best of both 🙂 There is lots more to come but for now I need to finish off my gift so must be off – we just give simple home made things that Mother either uses, passes on or puts out in the parlour. Last year I made jams, this year it is just a few scarves and a woollen wimple – this one is in a past post. Type in wimple and you will get patterns for woollen tubes that go over your head to keep your neck warm instead of a scarf. I might just look myself and put up a site if i find a nice one. pax sr marie therese.