For those who are interested, here are a few sites where you can find wimple knitting patterns and pictures. – ok, I have noticed that clicking on the wimple pattern by Mary won’t get you to it, I don’t understand why because if you type in wimple pattern this is the first site to come up and the address is exact. I tried changing it but no go, so I am going to type it in for you and credit it to  Mary – hopefully later today.                                       The first is a free pattern, the others you buy. I just made mine up though by guessing which is probably not the best way. Having thought about it some more I think this is an easy way – measure around the widest part of your head and cast on enough stitches to cover that length + a bit more depending how fitted you want it. Then measure from your hair line at the front to the top of your shoulders – again add a bit more to give you an idea of the length, then just knit until it reaches this length – I kept checking it against my head and it worked quite well. Of course doing it this way means you then have to fold it over and sew it up – not too tightly as i found out though – this ‘pattern’ does work though, I like to use mohair or aran wool on very large wooden needles, it grows in no time.

Here are the sites where you can get some more info  – this is the free one, then there is and which as it says is a forum that you can join and get help with all your knitting.

I realized that our wimple are basically the same as the patterns but they have been adapted – with central heating and higher temperatures we don’t need to wear wool around our heads and necks all day. Imagine one of these patterns with the back cut out so that they are pulled on across the face instead of over the head, and you have what we wear in material instead of wool.

As usual this is all a bit wordy but you get the gist. Happy knitting.