sr Davina putting up decorations

sr Davina putting up decorations

Advent is almost over, only a few hours to go and Vespers this evening will be the first of Christmas. This morning at Mass I was hit by a sense of the immanence of Christs birth; the sense of awe and expectation; the frission of preparation and longing almost over and waiting for the Word to once more burst out into life.

Yesterday Sr Davina and I put out the Crib in our Lady Chapel. It  is very simple and almost bare and I hope gives a sense of the intimacy of a young woman with her new born child. Fascinated by Him, loving Him and inviting us in to share her joy as Joseph watches over and gazes in awe. It really is such an intimate  and beautiful scene.

There used to be an advert for a shop that had the words -‘Christmas is a time for sharing, its a time for giving presents’ and it struck me that Advent is a time for sharing and for giving ourselves to each other; of being more open and receptive to each other so that we are receptive to the coming of Christ.

Each year we continue to wait for His coming again and relive the joyous moment of His birth and of the hope He gives us. Each Christmas is the celebration of new life and hopefully the beginning of new life for us too.

So I wish you all a joyful, blessed Christmas and ask that we can remember those for whom it is a time of pain, of loss, despair and lack of hope and joy and also for Christians in the Holy Land where the holy town of Bethlehem is at war and is sadly not a place of peace.

Thankyou all for blogging with us again, Happy Christmas 🙂 🙂 🙂 pax Sr Marie-Therese and all the sisters at St Mary’s Abbey, Colwich.