I hope you all had and are having a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We had Matins at 11.15pm followed immediately by Mass which ended with us wishing each other peace and Happy Christmas then having beaf tea in refectory before bed.

I was fortunate to recieve a copy of the CD – The Priests which we are now listening to in refectory. It is wonderful!!!!!! The sisters are enjoying a lot – thanks mom and dad ūüôā . Here is their website for more info and to hear some of it¬†¬† www.thepriests.com it is really worth checking out. Later i might try to download a video from the site to give you a glimpse on here to. It was¬†powerful listening to this prayerful music and as they are¬†Priests¬†( rather than secular singers) it felt like they were¬†praying, adoring and giving out blessings to us as they¬†sang. ¬† One of the sisters recieved ‘The Messiah’ which we will also have in refectory at some point and are looking forward to.

Have a blessed St Stephens day and don’t be a martyr! pax.

Hey, I just remembered, it was St Stephen yesterday but it’s St John today, so happy feast days too. Sadly we lose Holy Innocents to Sunday – in Community Holy Innocents is often the day the Novitiate do things or have a rest from washing up after tea etc. We ( Sr D and I ) are arranging some games and a quiz though with a festive lunch on Monday. pax