Well bloggers, it’s the first day of the New Year and I pray that you will all have a very happy, healthy, prosperous and prayerful one.

This year could be the start of great new things for you and happy times. It is a time to walk forward into the future taking the best of the past with us and leaving the bad or not so good behind as a memory without carrying them as extra baggage on our journey.

I am about to walk into a new future very soon, one that never crossed my mind when I first began blogging with you and sharing some of my journey here and some of the life of this community. That’s because it is time for me to say goodbye. On Monday I am leaving this community as a novice and re entering at Tyburn in London.

This community is a wonderful one and I would really encourage some of you to come and see and get to know the sisters here. I care for the sisters very much and it is not easy to leave but after a lot of prayer and reflection I have decided that it is the right thing for me to do.

It is not this community that is wrong it is me. I realized that I wanted some things to change and that is not the right attitude. I feel called to a stricter, more austere life than is lived here. I am strong willed and I find it hard to give up that will without a lot of help and that is not the way here. Perhaps I am just not mature enough to be here, I don’t know. I am a child at heart and I hope I don’t lose that, but I do need to grow up to a certain extent and I don’t think I will here.  I find freedom in and grow with structure and rules and the ‘freedom’ that is here is too much, it just doesn’t work for me.

 I just want to give up more. I have loved blogging but deep inside I would like not to be able to go on line – it is too addictive and does distract me. Where I am going I won’t be able to go online, there are set times for writing letters and I will be enclosed in the city of London.

I would like to ask for your prayers as I don’t find it easy to be in the city – the dirt gives me hayfever – and I am not brave – so why am I joining a community dedicated to the martyrs? Only God knows that one. I will be on line here on Sunday until the afternoon so feel free to ask questions and if I can answer them I will.

This blog is going to carry on though I won’t be writing on it. Today and tomorrow I am showing Mother Anne ( novice mistress), Sr Davina ( zelatrix) and Sr Benedict ( does the main web site) how to work things here. I do hope that you will support them, encourage them and help them as much as you can. The good thing about having others is that you will see a different side to this community and hopefully some of you will come forward to find out more and perhaps enter. The vocations week(s) are still going on and will be an informative and fun time, especially if you come just before and over Holy Week.

So, as the cartoon says and I have said before – ‘that’s all folks’, goodbye, thanks a bunch and go with God. Please pray for me – from Monday I will be Adele again. It’s going to be difficult being bare headed even for a short time ( Tyburn postulants wear veils thankfully as my hair it like a tiolet brush right now), and I am going to miss the habit and loads of stuff. But I am walking boldly into the future with my hand in the hand of Christ. Walk boldly into yours too.

Sr Marie-Therese – aka Sr Adele.