Hello everyone!

Sorry for any unusual things that may be happening but i’m trying to find things out but don’t think i’m having much luck – still keep ploding on and i’ll find them. So, sorry if i’ve not relied to emails or comments, i’m clicking on buttons to see what happens! By the way ‘what is a Tag and how do i get these?’

New Beginnings – well its a new year to start with, and also there are a few changes like i’m trying to do this, but also a more significant change is that we are all busy bodies at the mo trying to do some spring cleaning in one of the guest houses as we are expecting a new chaplain. Yes, unfortunately we have to say ‘Goodbye’ to Fr. Edward who has been our chaplain for the last 15years and we thank him for what he has done for us and wish him well as he returns to his monastery. Change can be awkward sometimes but neccessary and we will welcome Fr. Luke at the weekend and look forward to him guiding us towards the Lord. So yes, we’re busy like bees and its fun as a few of us have worked together to get the house ready. It’s great to do this and not having a house of my own before i entered its been fun to try and arrange the furniture and making sure the neccessary provisions are available.

Chelsea Dog wanted to lend a hand but a line had to be drawn somewhere – she would have been good with the polishing because her tail never stops wagging but the things she would scatter around is unbelievable. Naturally the photo is chelsea taken last summer.

God bless you all, sr. davinax