Where shall i start? These are my first thoughts, but as i think along – my best bet would be to mention the main points in my pilgrimage.


I was born into a Protestant family and had no definate religious upbringing although a key element i remember is one of being taught how to read. My parents helped me a great deal and they bought me a Childrens’ Bible, which they read each night with me. I was only a junior at the time and i remember vividly at junior school saying prayers at assembly and grace before and after meals. This was the start of my so called pilgrimage of faith with this tiny seed being sown and that is all it takes (no one knows how, what or when these little seeds are sown), it really is amazing when you look back and see what has been acheived! I reckon this was an important step as it is in these early years that our basic formation of life is being shaped. At the age of about 8/9 i had a few dreams which i never really took any notice of – or was it my vivid imagination – i imagined in these dreams a great big kind of walk way representing cloisters were figures dressed in black were walking very slowly and i didn’t know who they were. At this time i never knew what nuns were and had i known it may have scarred me a bit. Nothing happened then until i was about 14 when, my step brother was diagnosed as having Leukemia, and this was when i started to find God present in my life in a more real way and what a great gift of grace it had been. When my brother died i was 15 and although i felt it terribly, i was mad as well as upset, i still knew somehow that he had gone home. It was during his illness that i had started to go to church and freely sought life in the catholic faith. After a few months of having to get over the shock  there was the question of the RCIA program, and i can’t remember how i went on this, but i signed up for the coming years’ instruction which started in the autumn. It was a fantastic time and i deepened my knowlege and faith greatly not to mention making friends. The thing that i dreaded most was giving my own opinion and thoughts on the various topics that we were to cover in public. There were 8 of us receiving instruction and each week we broke into small  discussion groups, then came together afterwards and spoke openly over what things meant to us. It was at this point when i bottled up most weeks. However, i knew that this is what i wanted and i had to see it through and i was quite relieved on the night of the Easter Vigil but filled with excitement and great anticipation, when the moment i had longed for more and more over that year had finally come, i could receive my Lord in Communion. Many great graces have been given……………

to be cont………

sr. d

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