Haven’t worked out how to put a video clip up yet, it seems not to work!

Just thought i’d pop in a few ‘minor details of news for you’, whilst i can get connected to the internet. Is it just us, or is anyone else having problems at the moment?

Vocations week:  I’m afraid we had to cancel this due to no response. But i hope that something may come of the next planned week at the end of March. (Well vocations week may go ahead – just heard of a possibility of one or two coming – that’s great so keep up the prayers).

There is opportunity to join in with the Divine Office at 7am, 12pm, 6pm, and 8.30pm with daily Mass at 8.30am.Followed by study of the Rule of St. Benedict or a talk given by our chaplain or one of the sisters. A short period of work will then follow, after midday office, its lunch then free time till 2pm when a bit more work or art and crafts can be done. There will be a chance to do some personal lectio and ‘free time’ is available after supper for half hour (with yours truly if you want to chat).


In our natural pond which has developed over the last few years, at this time of year we have an unusual couple coming for a two month holiday. It is a pair of DUCKS! Yes, the Mallards have returned and have brought a bit of colour with them again. It is truly wonderful to see these creatures and i am out there feeding them occassionally with bread but it is really difficult to do as chelsea has her say in the matter (she wants to chase them off all the time).  It’s wonderful to hear all God’s creatures singing away throughout the day, different birds etc…… we have a wonderful selection of wildlife within the enclosure and are really lucky!

‘Spring cleaning’

Well as its lent – this is always a sign of getting those fluffy dustbusters out along with the polish, rags, vaccum cleaners, steps etc….and get behind all those nooks and crannies! Yesterday we all went over to the cottage and did that, today we all did our workroom where we have recreation. So its a case of twice a week pick up your gadgets and get cracking………..gardening is only a side line during these days. Also bang goes the cardmaking in ‘freetime’, well we are having Compline at 8pm at the moment the dreaded ‘colds and germs are flying about’. Maybe we can be forgiven from these?

God bless

sr. d