Hello there!

It has been busy, busy, busy here! We have just celebrated two feasts over the last week so its been a case of  ‘getting those sarnies ready’. First off the mark was Mother Abbess’ annual feast for her ‘Blessing Day’ which we keep ‘in due cerenomy’ within the community. That is to say we are preparing presents to give her, and present them after lunch when we all gather round in the ‘workroom’ as we call it and sing the feast day song, a drink of coffee and a biscuit, then we go and have a look at the presents, followed by afternoon tea and entertainment. Its good to have these sort of days as we are enclosed and do not go out for holidays – so these recreation days are holidays to us.

At the weekend also, (May 30th), we celebrated a Golden Jubilee so we were getting ready for a few days and what a wonderful atmosphere there was. It was attended by 55 people most of whom were family and long standing friends. The Mass was a votive mass of Our Lady as it would have been the feast of the visitation over the weekend, two lovely hymns were sung and sister renewed her vows. There were 6 preists present to give thanks for the last 50 years of sisters religious life. Jubilees for us are taken from our clothing day and not profession day. There were lilies and carnations decorating the choir, with the blazing sun shining through the stained glass windows – amazing!!!!!  All this was followed by a splendid buffet! We sang on the previous day the ‘colwich pop song’ which is always apt on such magnificent occassions, and was a great start of what was to follow. The weather ‘luckily for us’ was hot so we (or should i say most people) were able to eat outside.

We all are now feeling shattered after – as you do after these events but are enjoying every minute of it…………..

God bless

Sr. D

24th June:  Today is the feast of St. John the Baptist – so happy feast to you all. It is by tradition with our community that it is the novice mistress’ feast day, as she is the one who gives the formation to those in the novitiate and the connection with john the baptist is that he was the precursor of Our Lord. He prepared the way for Jesus to come.     God bless