Want to join us at St. Mary's?


Do you think that God is calling you to a religious community? And that the Benedictine way of life may be for you then why not come and join us for a few days and see what we are about! For St. Benedict ‘PRAYER AND WORK’ go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other.

 A long weekend from Thursday 13th Aug till Sunday 16th Aug will be held for any

one who would like to come for a few days and experience Monastic Life as the Benedictine Nuns do?

Singing the Divine Office, private prayer, work, studying the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, and a chance to chat with a few members of the community over their way of life. Time is also available to relax and go for a walk on your own along the canal, and take in some of Staffordshire countryside, or visit to Shugborough Hall just opposite the Abbey

For further details please contact Sr. Davina either  through the Blog at:  colwichnov.wordpress.com or email me at novblog@googlemail.com   or Tel: 01889 881282

PLEASE COULD YOU CONTACT ME BY JULY 26TH – And if you can’t make this weekend for one reason or another don’t forget you can just get in touch and arrange a visit privately!


I have now worked out a rough time table for the weekend it is as follows:

Thurs: Arrive 4.30,  5pm  Vespers,  6pm Compline,  6.30pm Supper,  7.30pm Introduction

Fri:  7am Morning office, 8.30am Mass, 9.30am Study of Holy Rule, 10.30am Work with sisters and chance to ask questions, 12pm Midday office followed by lunch, 2pm Free time – optional or work,  4.30 study, 5.30pm free till 6pm then Vespers, supper, 7.30pm free for recreation, 8pm private prayer, 8.30pm Compline.

Sat: As friday

Sun:7am Morning office, 9.30 Mass, free after mass or chance to speak to sisters over vocation, 12pm Midday office followed by lunch, departures.

Of course this is only a rough guide to follow and may be changed according to how things go.