What’s your Vocation in life?  That is a question some may be asked or you ask yourself. Well, we’ve just come across a ‘very good’ little booklet published by the CTS (Catholic Truth Society) and its called: ‘How to Discover your Vocation’ – its only £1.95 and is very well worth reading!

Its got brilliant sections on choosing your vocation (religious, priesthood, married or single) and it gives signs to look out for and a few suggestions to follow up. EG: p.49 tells of – avoiding the question of vocation…….if the question of vocation is nagging at you then don’t just run away, it will come back, so face it honestly. Another one is: Fear of commitment…….Commitment to anything, let alone for life, seems like a limitation, but to have a series of options is actually to have no options. God may be inviting you to make a life long commitment to put down roots so that you can  truly flourish.

These are just a few pointers from the book and  if you get it i’m sure you’ll enjoy it!!! Happy Reading!

In the meantime i think its time just to remind you of our ‘COME AND SEE’ Weekend in August. If you’re thinking of a contemplative vocation (even active) then don’t hesitate to come and see us there is no obligation, just a chance to talk over the possibility of your future life in this area, and i can guarantee if the weather is like it is now (hot, sticky) then you’ll see the grounds in a super way and soak up some of that lovely British weather and you’ll love it. The choir looks stunning with the sun radiating through the stained glass windows.   At the moment we are in the middle of picking fruit, strawberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries so if you don’t hear from me as much its because i’m outside getting hotter and hotter picking and getting thorns.

God bless

Sr. D      –   July 7th – PSS.   If you still think that you would like to join us for the ‘Come and See’ weekend then hurry – there are only a few places left!!! Yes, that’s great and i can’t wait so please, please say the prayers and when its over i’ll write all about it!

july 15th:  I’m pleased to tell you that for the ‘COME AND SEE WEEKEND’ we have only 2 places left and i am really looking forward to this event. Those of you who know me personnally will know that i’ll be going about like a mad hatter preparing sheets of paper for this and that (there won’t be many really), seeing to who is doing a small talk and i think we may be evern having a day of Eucharistic Adoration…but i’m not 100% sure about this yet. It’ll be a fun time too and lots of lovely music lined up for the feast of Our Lady’s Assumption. So i’ll see you all soon and this sat i’m off to Maryvale again (Study once more) this is the last section for year 1, year 2 starts in October. Just got my 2nd essay back and got a better mark than i thought!!!!!!! Great….. So bye for now.   Sr. D   x