HI Everyone!   -A QUICK WORD FROM SR. D –  There is one week left before the start of next weeks come and see, and due to 2 people dropping out for various reasons reguarding work and placements, i have possibly 2 rooms available if any women wish to come at the last moment. I have a nice little group coming on thursday and i am still waiting to hear from one person if she is able to attend…..due to the limited space of the guest house i have 5 people attending.  Excitement is building up …..  and if you are not joining us why don’t you see the earlier post (Come and See weekend) where the timetable is and join us in spirit and prayer when you are able to, wherever you are???? We can be united together in prayer.

 PLEASE, PLEASE say a prayer for me during this ‘come and see’ event….i’m not used to speaking to people formally (although it will be quite informal at the same time) even if i have done some talks before.  Keep your eye open for a report on this within the next few weeks!!!!

Well to my amazement i have been inundated with people asking over the ‘Come and See Weekend’, and there are still only 2 places available if anybody wanted to come. So what is the next step…..all the preparations!! I am in the middle of finalising the timetable with getting the talks sorted out, typing out the office on sheets of paper for the big feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, sorting out what work we could do (weather permitting) and having something as a back up. Hopefully there will be a day of Exposition of the blessed sacrament (or as its called nowadays eucharistic adoration), but that has yet to be decided. I’m really looking forward to this even though there are nerves. I’m thinking of an ‘Introduction’, its like being a mad hatter, where shall i start, what shall i do etc…etc… Planning something is always a bit of a challenge but its great fun and when you see the end results its worth it. I bet those who know me, can imagine how i feel and what i am doing, rushing round etc…also, i’ll let your imagination take over to visulise me doing all this if you don’t know me.

If anyone wishes to come for the day only, either on the friday or saturday they are more than welcome, just let me know and we’ll have a place for you.

As things develop i will keep you in touch and will gradually write things down to post in this section. Have any of you any idea of when would be a good time to hold another weekend earlier in the year other than August time????? Maybe spring or something…..

God bless

Sr. D

At the moment it looks like everyone who is coming for this weekend has a name beginning with ‘S’ (i’m not going to say what names). Due to further enquiries i’d like just to confirm that there is no set charge for this weekend, it is on a donation basis only. This also applies to guests/visitors in general.

Look forward to meeting those coming in a couple of weeks. God bless.   Sr. D