Hi Folks….

Just to let you know that there is a Youth 2000 prayer festival at Walsingham from 27th – 31st August and it is their largest annual event. It is a must if you find that you want to get closer to God and make friends and have a lot of fun at the same time. How can you get closer to God and have fun at the same time??? Well go and find out!

The thing is i have had experience of Youth 2000 Retreats and they are fab…I was invited to go to one at Birmingham about 8 years ago and i was absolutely nervous. Not knowing what to expect and not being out of the enclosure overnight since i entered – it was a bit daunting not to mention being in touch with young catholics. Well, i got permission and to cut a long story short it was great. There were various talks from different priests and religious, lots of music and prayers, workshops, etc…. The main focus is of course this ‘arrangement’ in the centre of the hall. It seems queer until you understand the meaning of it. Trying to describe it is something – well here goes – – – its a kind of wooden frame in the shape of a triangle with small stands around were lighted candles are placed on, (these are in fact Sanctuary lights) and on top in the middle is The Blessed Sacrament. This is in fact known as ‘The Burning bush’  The main feature of a youth 2000 retreat is the eucharistic adoration. Talks revolve round this and short discussions take place in small groups, everything is basic and the people kip down at night on the floor of the tents with sleeping bags. 

Well like i said if you want to go and experience this it is well worth it. I have had the pleasure and priviledge to have had youth 2000 here at the abbey for the very 1st Formation weekend – that was about 7 years ago now, but what an atmosphere the Holy Spirit really moved the hearts of people and it had a profound effect on me in many ways!!!!

There is also another new CTS booklet out which is brill and its called ‘A way of life for young catholics’ take a peek at their website…….

Also for further info on youth 2000 see their website – i’ve put a link from here onto the blogroll…..

God bless you all

Sr. D