Well folks here’s PART 2…….

I forgot to mention in the first edition that i opened up with a prayer to St. Benedict and privately offered up the whole weekend to Our Blessed Lady.

Well now…after a good nights sleep by all everyone was down for morning office at 7am – which usually lasts about 45mins perhaps a bit more on some days. Mass was at 8.30, so by the time everyone had their breakfast at various times at 9.30 we were raring to go! So off we all went to the library and had a session on the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, this was led by the Novice mistress and the Prologue was chosen. It runs as follows:

‘LISTEN, my son, to the teaching of your master and turn your heart to hear; willingly accept and effectively carry out the advice given by a loving father, so that you may come back to him by the toil of obedience, from whom you had gone astray through the sloth of disobedience. To you then my words are now addressed, who are renouncing your own desires and, on entering the service of Christ the Lord our true King, are taking up the strong and glorious arms of obedience’. 

We then had a discussion on; 1)  what ‘LISTEN’ meant to us, 2)  what Obedience meant, and 3) who the loving father was?………Some very interesting and different views were expressed. Then come mid-morning the weather held good for us so off we all went into the garden. Some went off with mother prioress to pick runner beans, and others came with me and we picked plums! YUMMY! First impression of the size of the enclosure was pure amazement, and one of awe at the beauty of the place too. After midday office and lunch ‘free-time’ was available, or a chat or work,. most opted this day for free time. At 4.30pm we then had a session on ‘SHARED LECTIO’ and took the passage on St. Lukes gospel which we have everyday at Vespers – Mary’s Canticle ‘The Magnificat’. We broke this down into small pieces and shared with each other what it meant for us in many personnal ways. It is a very enriching experience sharing thoughts of scripture and getting more ideas.

After supper, i decieded at the last moment to share some of my Solemn Profession photos and say a few words on that event (which sems only like yesterday but nonetheless was a few years ago now). 8pm there was privat prayer followed by Compline at 8.30pm then Bed-time! Got to gain strength for the following day……….. Well i guess that’s it for now until part 3 – so keep your eyes open………..

Sr. D