Hi there!
Well after a hectic time in the guest house, we welcomed 3 visitors from Chile, for the day. They are currently staying at one of our houses (Downside), and are part of the Manquehue Community, (don’t think i spelt this right). They talked to us over their way of life and what they do which includes helping out in schools…

If you are able to read spanish to find out more on this community their website is: (the link doesn’t work yet so i’ll get back to you)

Also, at the moment we have a student from Denmark here visiting us for a fornight and again i will follow up later with more details…..

….And now a few words from the photography student who was here with us for 12 days…… 

Hi everybody
Just wanted to say thank you again for letting me having such a great experiance at your monastary. I had a absolutly fantastic time! I came to make my exam product and I got so much more out of the experiance! I have looked at my photo work and I think it will be great, hopefully:). Next time I come I think my mother will come with me and maybe my father and maybe my boyfriend if it fits his education as a cook the time we deside to visit you.
I really had a great time, can’t wait to come back and see you all again also! Say hello to the other nuns that does’nt read this, and father Luke:). Hope you are all well and off course that Chelsea also is good:)
Love Liv