Hello there!

I just wanted to say a few words about a incident which happened this morning…… As it does each wednesday i am in the kitchen as supply cook, but half way through the morning i checked to see if i had any mail this morning (i rarely get any so i just check in case forever hopeful….), well anyhow there was a large packet put in my place in the refectory and it was addressed to Sr. Benedict and myself. Sr. Benedict left me to open it and it turned out to be an ‘early christmas present to us both from a fan of the colwich blog’. The book had arrived and it is of poems and meditations on nature and beauty! 

So we thank you very, very much ‘K’ for this wonderful surprise and will enjoy reading through it. Don’t be too long in sending that email – or letter we can’t wait to hear from you. At the moment it is in the workroom for all the community to look at.

So thank you everyone and have a very happy advent and christmas, i am preparing a post for advent at the moment and our Danish guest is going to write a few words before she leaves to go back home.

God bless

Sr. Davina