Hi everyone!

Well it is that time of year again……. Yes, Advent is here, so what is happening at Colwich? Once more yummy smells are circleling round the monastery with the traditional ginger biscuits being made which incidentally we get handed out on the eve of the 1st Sunday of Advent, these are supposed to ‘keep us going during these few weeks’. Christmas puds have been mixed (both by hand by all the sisters and making a small wish – and the major work on the good old mixer ( nicknamed martha)), christmas cakes have also been made and are in the process of getting marzipan and icing on. The Avent wreathe was made for the choir and the candle was lit during mass by our chaplain. We also have it lit during Vespers. At Mass for 1st Sunday of advent we were reminded about the 3 comings of Our Lord (past, present and future). For me, i always try (note that i say try…) to remember especially those people who are homeless for one reason or another either because they have been thrown out of home or that they have left throgh their own choice… but its not easy for them whatever the circumstances. I tend to link this up through that christmas eve night when the Holy family are on their way to Bethlehem and on arrival ‘there was no room for them at the inn’. I guess, this was brought home to me during my pilgrimages to Lourdes. 

We also have our annual ‘Walk with me’ Booklets which are given out each Advent and Lent and this week there have been 2 powerful thoughts which are relevent to how we spend our Christmas after this preparation time. It is the season of Love, Joy and Hope. How are we with hospitality and the way we treat each other? Another one was: that Christmas can be a harsh, sad and difficult time for those on their own, or loved ones are far away, etc….. This is the time to be kind for it shows through us by words and actions, ‘for God can use each one of us to let his kindness and love be known in so many ways’  (these last few words are from ‘walk with me’.

God Bless and happy advent!