Hi folks just a bit of humour i thought you might like to know of……………….

This week being the 3rd week of advent we are listening to Handel’s Messiah at supper time just  before next week listening to christmas carols – ‘so we are slowing down gradually for the holiday season’. Well the point is this – during supper time i had been distracted listening to the music by some small movement in the courtyard. Where i sit in the refectory i am opposite the window side and can see things moving about occassionally, and this particular time things were passing by at a great rate so after supper i thought that i’d just stay watching to find out what is was…..was it a rat or a squirrel got caught in and couldn’t find his way out again or what?????? I was surprised to discover (and yet not really surprised) that it was 2 wood mice. They are following each other to and fro picking up bread crumbs, bird food etc and berries, probably to feed a family. Well what has attracted them was it the sweet sound of Handel’s Messiah, the light of the refectory windows, the chance to be on public display or the thought of perhaps finding a nice ‘niche’ on the other side? It’s really quite entertaining to see – you could almost nickname them ‘handels christmas mice’!

Well advent seems to hardly to have started and now its nearly over but i will be posting one more item before christmas eve then i will take a few days off (well i won’t get time anyhow to do anything as our timetable changes)

Season’s Greetings to all

Sr. Davina