Hello there…….

I would like to thank you all for the many christmas greetings which we received one way or another – thanks!

I hope that you are having a wonderful joyous season… there are 12 days of christmas and here we are nearly half way through already, it comes to a climas with the great feast of the Epiphany (which we will celebrate on sunday 3rd Jan this time)…. so what has happened for us so far – well on christmas eve we celebrated matins at 11.15pm which was (and always is) very peaceful and awe inspiring with the solemn liturgy……after which our chaplain blessed the crib in such a wonderful and simple way, we never had a blessing before so it was lovely to have at the beginning of the solemn christmas mid-night mass. At the end of mass we usually gather round the crib and sing a carol – this year we sang O Little Town of Bethlehem…. after wishing the congregation a very happy and holy christmas (which was very few), the community gathers in the chapter room to wish each other a happy christmas – then its bed time…..

Christmas Day   :  We got up early after 5 hrs sleep and had Lauds which was integrated with the Dawn Mass, followed by brekkies….. in which there was a lovely parcel waiting to be opened by each one of us in our places. The day is spent relativly quietly with tea together – this happens for the Octave of Christmas.

28th Dec   : Today i was in the kitchen and for supper we prepared a High Tea – which means that we for go afternoon tea and have early supper so as teaa/supper are together….this was at 5pm foll. by vespers/compline

(Pics will follow later!) HERE THEY ARE AT LAST …………………..