Wishing you all the very best for the forthcoming year… It was also my anniversary of entrance on 1st Jan and what a wonderful day it was!

Well to continue with the festive season (well there are 12 days of christmas after all), the octave day – 1st jan it was an exposition day and it is also a world day of prayer for peace, as it fell on thursday this time it was very quiet but sometimes we would have had a seasonal video to watch in the afternoon followed by tea as is the practice for the octave of christmas (well after all it is our holiday and a time of rest and fun). 

It was strange this time for Epiphany was celebrated on Jan 3rd instead of the traditional 6th in which officially christmas comes to an end (festivity wise anyhow), but liturgically finishing at the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. But however saying this, we will be finishing christmas time on the 6th as usual with our own private celebrations and fun and games in the afternoon….. who knows what’s in store but it’ll be fun…..- i’ll try and take a few snaps if i’m not hindered!    At the moment we are listening to a very interesting CD in the refectory it is a book called ‘Ghatty’s Tale’s’ by Kevin Crossley-Holland, and it’s really good. It’s basically about 9 people coming together and making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, obviously there are many hiccups and traumas along the way, but Ghatty is a 15 year old girl from the middle of the english countryside not knowing anything ……. she learns about life the hard way on this pilgrimage …… it is set in  one of the early centuries (somewhere betwen 500 – 1000 ~ i think! ) – an absolute brilliant novel! There are 6 CD’s in the set and we are at present on the 3rd and have had this for about 1 week now…….