Hi Everyone!

It’s seems to have been ages since i put something up so here we are again and there seems plenty to tell and plenty to pray for…………

1st up: At the weekend we had a group of seminarians here making a retreat and they joined in with the office with us and their singing blended in well with us (or did we blend in with them?). At morning office , mass and midday office we asked if they’d like to do the readings and they did. We tried to make them feel at home and live up to what it says in ‘our holy rule – make hospitality your special care’ . There was a lovely reading at midday office about ‘light’ and it struck me – well there was a momentarily gleam of sunshine rays coming through the windows and what an impact it made as this was being read out. Here is an extract from the reading which is taken from a Homily from Origen……

‘Christ is the “light of the world” and he enlightens the Church with his light. And as the moon receives its light from the sun so as in turn to enlighten the night, so does the Church, receiving her light from Christ, enlighten all who dwell in the night of ignorance. It is Christ, therefore, who is “the true light which gives light to every one coming into the world”; and the Church, receiving his light, becomes herself the light of the world, enlightening those in darkness, in accord with Christ’s word to his disciples: “You are the light of the world.” This goes to show that Christ is the light of the apostles, and the apostles in their turn are the light of the world.’

Please  join me in prayer for these and all seminarians throughout the world and they journey forward to our lord to be ministers of his word. And  let us pray also for more young men and women to give themselves generously in the Lord’s service to the Priesthood and Religiouse Life!

2nd: please pray for us in a special way at the moment and for a special person in particular – the reason is we have someone coming as an ‘aspirant’ in a few weeks time and it is exciting again. We are almost in lent now and lent books will be sorted out and lenten penances will be undertaken to help us to draw closer to God. The spring cleaning is also an annual task in lent were we get together as a community and clean the whole house and guest house (what fun!).

3rd: Please pray for us in particular at this time as we have been told by Mother Abbess that she is going to resign, so we now need to prepare ourselves for an ‘abbatial election’, please hold mother abbess especially in your prayers during this time of transition!

Thanks you all for everything and have a very happy and holy Lent!

God bless…..Sr. Davina…..  x