Hi there!

Just wanted to share an amazing discovery from yesterday. It happened like this………..

What started off and nearly finished an ordinary working day for our builders – who are in doing some renovation work at the moment – one of them discovered hidden in the base of the floor boards and skirting boards  some old looking pieces of paper, that looked as if they had been rescued from the old fireplace, as they looked very black and dusty and abit parched (but were not), no precious gems but something much more precious to us and that is abit of our history. After handing them over to us there wasn’t one or two odd letters but a few and a few old receipts. It turns out that they are a part of our contacts from dating back to the 1830’s – it is really exciting to find these and our archivist is looking at these and finding out more details. It really is amazing that these are still in tact (all but one) – but then again they were kept hidden for over 150 years in a dark, dry place.

(I think that it would be great to write about this on a piece of paper and put it back in the same place or near enough and see what happens in another 150 years???)

god bless

sr. d.    x