Hi, I wasn’t going to do much here and now due to what is going on at the present moment, but i have been encouraged to do so. So here are a few lines taken from Ch 2 of the rule which is very topical at the moment, and as its appropriate i thought it would be good to give those of you who know nothing of St. Benedict’s Rule, a brief insight to what he wrote. Of course there are many different translations around but this is of one that we use all the time:

Rule of St. Benedict – Chapter 2


An abbot who is worth to rule over a monastery ought always to remember what he is called and live up to the name of Superior in what he does. For he is believed to hold the place of Christ in the monastery. So the abbot ought not to teach or to make laws or to give commands that are outside the commandments of the Lord, but his ordering and his teaching should be sprinkled on the hearts of his disciples like a leaven of divine holiness. When therefore a man takes on himself the name of abbot, he ought to give the lead to his disciples by two kinds of teaching, showing them all that is good and holy  by deeds rather than by words. Therefore let the abbot have an equal love for all, and let discipline be impartial for all according to their deserts.