Hello again,

I’m going to bore you stiff with another short selection from the Holy Rule of St. Benedict! To continue with the Abbot/Abbess i’ve chosen Ch 64 as it is all about the ‘APPOINTMENT OF THE ABBOT/ABBESS’. Again it is a few and varied lines from the chapter:

In the appointment of the Abbot/Abbess this principle must always be kept in view, that he be made abbot whom the whole community with one accord chooses in the fear of God…..it is for the merit of his life and for his learning in wisdom that a man should be chosen for this appointment, even though he be the last in order in the community. The newly appointed Abbot/Abbess must be ever thinking what a burden he has undertaken, and to whom he will have to render an account of his stewardship. He ought therefore to be learned in the divine law, so that he may know it well and have a store from which to bring out new things and old. Above  all let him keep this Rule of ours thoroughly, so that when he has fulfilled his office well he may hear from the Lord what the good servant heard, who gave his fellow-servants their wheat in good season: ‘Amen I say to you, he has set him over all his goods’ (Mt24).

Incidently, the Rule of Benedict has a wide selection of scripture quotes as its foundation. There is also a good translation out for lay people called , ‘Work and Prayer – The Rule of St. Benedict for lay people’, by Dom Columba Cary Elwes and Dame Catherine Wybourne, published by Burns & Oates.