Hi Folks,

Yes, its me again! Today it’s the Feast of The Annunciation, and that is Our Patronal Feast….in other words we are known as The Monastery of Good Hope (as well as Colwich Abbey or St. Mary’s), because it was Our Blessed Lady who brought the ‘Good Hope’ to life, as by Mary’s YES we are able to attain everything, through her Son – Our Blessed Lord (sorry the wording isn’t quite right but its the best i can do in a hurry!). We had such a wonderful reading at midday office and – once again i thought i’d share it with you -. It is one from Bishop David Konstant and here it is:

‘What a frightening invitation to become mother of such a child. One can imagine the sudden clutch of fear….. the puzzelment…..the anxiety about the future. Surely he doesn’t really mean me? But in a moment the fears are stilled, and all is seen to be possible. ‘Be it done to me according to your word’. 

What is my annunciation? When has God sent his angel to me to announce his good news? And how have i reacted to the promises he has made to me? God’d messengers do come to me; they tell me that i’m highly favoured….much graced and blessed…with much fruit to bear…and they tell me too that the Lord is with me. But often i do not recognise God’s friends, because their words are so demanding, and i am afaid. Everyone is blessed by God…he has no favourites. God is with all his people…each one unique…every person special. Do not be afraid….he says tome, ‘for i have redemed you…i have called you by your name and you are mine’.

I have been called by God todo him some definate service. I have a vocation to become what he calls me to be. If i am to ever answer this call i must learn to say, ‘YES…let it be done…let it be done….let it be done to me according to your word’. I must let fo of fear, of a sense of inadequacy, of selfishness and pride, of wanting to have everything planned before i make a move. Then i may learn to trust in God; who is Father, friend, tremendous lover; who knows what i can do, and to whom nothing is impossible.

Speak Lord, your servant is listening.

I hope that you like this reading too, it is so beautiful – don’t you think? By the way keep your eyes open in the next few weeks as i will be posting the details of the next come and see weekend – at long last! Got some great talks lined up.

God bless

Sr. D