Just to let you know that we now have a NEW ABBESS and you will never guess WHO IT IS? WELL GUYS ITS ME! You’re little Guest Mistress come Zelatrix… AS YOU CAN IMAGINE I AM STILL STUNNED and feeling like jelly and my stomach feels LIKE ITS IN A WASHING MACHING! PLEASE KEEP THE PRAYERS UP!

MONDAY –  Well i’m feeling better now and it is gradually ‘sinking in’ but it feels rather queer being the ‘youngest in community’ and now ‘at the head of the table’ if you’d like to call it that!  Also, i feel like an Autioneer when i have to give the knock at the Office ….. Thank you all for your ‘CONGRATULATIONS! and please keep me in your prayers! I will still be looking after this Blog for the MO …. (if you’ll put up with me still????)

Wednesday 14th:  Hi there, well the next step is the Abbatial Blessing – will let you know more details later on! Life is getting back to normal now!


God Bless you all – Sr. Davina  xxxx