Hello everyone!

I know that you are waiting for the NEWS of how Saturday went but i’ll have to do it in installments again i’m afraid.

To begin with it is in pure tradition that everytime you prepare for a BIG EVENT that it takes alot of preparation, so as you can imagine this took lots! After a big build up to the election and then the blessing, it always take about a week to prepare the food and sort out seating arrangments, booklets, who’s coming etc….etc…. and a month to get everything back in order! I’ll let your imagination run wild at the thought of me making doughnuts on the monday only to put them in the freezer to get them out again on friday morning to put cream in the middle. One of the sisters did the meringues, the kitchen sister busy all week with cooking vaious meats, fish, doing the celebration cakes and the like …… the Refectoryhad to be ‘re-organised’ on Saturday. And in true family fashion we all muck in together and have loads of fun!

Everything started with the Holy Spirit and it ended with the Holy Spirit in a big way with the Feast of Pentecost. Everyone was happy, relaxed, at ease and what glorious weather – a real scorcher! That’s enough of the chit-chat now for the ceremony ………………

………Our Organist friend Peter arrived the night before so there was a practice in true Colwich fashion. Then came the big day and people started to arrive from 4pm to get a good view but except for a dozen or so places being reserved it was 1st come 1st served.  The Archbishop of Birmingham had to perform the blessing and there were over 100 people who came to enjoy the happy ocassion and wish me well. There was about12 or so Abbots and Priests who concelebrated the mass with Archbishop Bernard.

This will do for now just to wet your appetites for more ….. and when i get a bit more time i’ll do part 2!