Hi Folks,

Well there is a new addition to the family in the form of a Standard Poodle called Coco! It is soon after we lost Chelsea and she will never be forgotton as she had a very special place in everybody’s heart, but we needed another dog in our small family and after a bit of a stuggle in a search and thanks to Chelsea’s hairdresser we managed to track down one in rescue. I made phone calls to different people and places and they hadn’t one at the moment and others didn’t do rescue anymore etc…etc…

So who is Coco? She is a black standard poodle (although she looks quite grey), who is nearly 7yrs old and very much full of life……..if you ask me she is Hyper-active! But she has fallen on her feet with us and absolutely loves it here. The space for her to run round in is fab. One fault of hers which we have discovered is that she loves sqeeky toys! It’ll drive us all barmy if we’re not careful.